Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now

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A self-ordained professor's tongue
Too serious to foolSpouted out that libertyIs just equality in schoolEquality, I spoke the wordAs if a wedding vowAhh, but I was so much older thenI'm younger than that now - Bob Dylan
Remember when you were young and turning 30 seemed ancient and you couldn't imagine turning anything older than that? Me too. 
[That's me in my Jim Morrison bedroom receiving a mixed tape, somewhere on the edge of seventeen...just like the white winged dove, sings a song sounds like she's singing...whoo baby whoo... say whoo]

I didn't blog the whole month of September, as I was busy distracting myself from one of these milestone type birthdays on the 7th. Sadly, it was not 30. It was, you know, the big one that comes after that. Here's a classic shot of me on my 19th birthday, in the corridor of my friends dorm. They decided to take pictures and laugh rather than help me up. Those were the days.

In true Jdub fashion I started celebrating August 26th when my fabulous twin cousins threw me a mexican fiesta. It was backyard boozy chill time awesomeness. This pic of us is actually from my bday shindig a couple years back, but I love it.

The following weekend was one of my bucket-list items - birthday celebration in Montreal via Via Rail (thank goodness, as I stayed up all night Thursday galavanting and drunk packing, always a good idea). I'd never been and it seemed like the perfect excuse. It also gave me a chance to check off another bucket list item - male strip club! Yup, we sure did. 
My girls Ashlie and Jenn came with, and they had never been either - it was all coming together. You know those trips that are just perfect from beginning to end? This was one of those trips. Poutine upon arrival, Hotel was spectacular (Opus), fancy dinner at KoKo and ending with Le 281, striptastic! 
[Here is a pre-going out shot on Friday night - clearly a self-pic as I got ditched for taking too long]

Saturday was spent wandering around old Montreal, a little Shwartz's famous smoked meat (and giant pickle), sooooo good! 

Factory for drinks and appys, then off to see The Cult at The Metropolis! Sidebar - Jenn's cousin's band just happened to be opening for them the night we were there - guest list y'all! Here we are in the crowd enjoying the band and some cocktails.

Sunday morning left just enough time for a little petit dejeuner, and we were back on the train. Absolute perfection from beginning to end. Ash just wrote an amazing blog that does the trip way more justice than I did, check it out here! She used several of my pics, so at least I helped a little. 

So when it came time for my actual birthday and I realized I was really turning 40, I wasn't feeling quite as festive as my 'pretend' birthday. Now it was real. It was really happening. I was turning 40, and no amount of 'you still look 27's was gonna change that fact. As it turns out, the anxiety was much worse than the event itself. I had me some lobster and went and saw my friends play a gig, a pretty fab evening all around.
The next night was when the majority of drinking took place at the White Cowbell Oklahoma show at Call the Office. Wore me a new party dress and some platform boots and gave that night hell - good times indeed! 

Sunday involved a fabulous dinner at the folk's house, spoiled like crazy. If that wasn't enough, my best friend Lucey made me tie-dyed bday cupcakes - amazing! This would be more than enough for any normal person, right? Yeah, I'm ridiculous. I've made peace with it. It's part of my charm really.

So, the following Thursday I go see Kiss and Motley Crue at the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto. Not ironically. I had been to a lot of metal shows in my youth, but had somehow missed both of these bands. Motley Crue was just okay, but Kiss did not disappoint - everything I wanted them to be and more. Here we are in the crowd with happy happy faces. Incidentally I got carded twice at this event. Life is good.

I took the following day off and headed to my super-happy place - the Sandpiper cabins - for our annual Port Franks weekend. It was a game show theme this year - hilarity and good times ensued. There was beach blanket Hollywood Squares and a Match Game reenactment that you'd have to see to believe. Look. See. I have some pretty rad friends.

So what can I say, turning 40 was pretty fabulous after all. I have an amazing family, amazing friends and an amazing life. I love you all. Positive vibes all around.

I will end with a song that summarizes my life thus far - I think in a good way. Learning is growing, and sometimes you have to take the road less travelled. Lyrics listed after the video. Enjoy :D

PeaceandLove, Jdub

I make the same mistakes

Feels like I never learn
Always give way too much
For little in return

I haven’t changed a bit
I’m still not over it
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes

I never did grow up
Feels like I never will
My friends are all adults
I’m still a teenage girl

I haven’t changed a bit
I’m still not over it
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes

My friends are all a drag
They think I’m such a flake
They want to go to bed
I want to stay up late
Walking the streets alone
Thinking of you till dawn
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes

I never did grow up (I make the same mistakes)
Feels like I never will (Feels like I never learn)
My friends are all adults (Always give way too much)
I’m still a teenage girl (For little in return)
I haven’t changed a bit (I haven’t changed a bit)
I’m still not over it (I’m still not over it)
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes

I make the same mistakes (My friends are all a drag)
Feels like I never learn (They think I’m such a flake)
Always give way too much (They want to go to bed)
For little in return (I want to stay up late)
I haven’t change a bit (Walking the streets alone)
I’m still not over it (Thinking of you…)
I make the same mistakes
I make the same mistakes