Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jdub's Celebrity Look Alike's - My Friends, Vol 2

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After endless google image searches, I bring you the anxiously awaited volume two of Jdub's celebrity look alike's. My first edition seemed to go over fairly well, so I decided to add a second. Who am I kidding, I still would have written a part two. I just have too many look alike's left to stop now. Okay, let's do this. 

First up, a little can-con. 'Welcome to The Hour, I am your boyfriend George Strombolopolous'. Who doesn't love a little Strombo?! My friend Geoff and our beloved Canadian icon are pretty closely matched I reckon.
This look alike may be a little more obscure-well, to people that don't watch HBO's 'Girls'. If that's the case, shame on you! It's phenomenal. Christopher Abbott plays Charlie on the show and reminds me so much of my friend Alex - dimples and all.

These pics barely do the comparison justice. Singer Pink, and my sista from anotha motha, Corey. She's heard this hundreds of times for good reason. Pretty rad.

Yup, that's right - it's Brenda! Another 90210 reference. The second of three in this series (so far). I just found out my friend Karin was always compared to Shannen Doherty and I can definitely see it.
Next up, my brother Zack and Rob Kardashian. He is not gonna love this comparison and you can't really tell from these photos, but they really do look alike.
Now my dad and Dustin Hoffman. I didn't really notice this one until my friend Ashlie pointed it out but now I totally see it!

Being compared to Brad Pitt is tricky business. One of those things you don't want to dole out unless it's really really called for. Scott got this a lot-like, a lot a lot. Long hair, short hair, clean shaven, beard - it never failed. I say roll with it.

90210 reference number three! Ian Zeiring (aka Steve Sanders) and my friend Jeff. This was one of those 'who does that guy remind me of' kinda situations. Later I found out this is who he gets compared to and I'm like 'yes, that's it'! Mint.

I've always thought that my friend Kev looked like Ben Affleck and I'm pretty sure he used to get that a lot as well. I've actually never asked him. This seems like an appropriate platform.

So, my friend Michelle asks people all the time who their celebrity look alike is, so she had to be featured in this post. Michelle (aka Josephine Cleo) is an incredible singer and often gets compared to Katy Perry, which I can totally see. She also gets Pauley Perrette a lot (aka the girl with the serious bangs from NCIS) which I can definitely see also. I mainly just wanted an excuse to repost this pic of Michelle because I LOVE IT.  

So, how did I do? Spot on or not even close? Who have I missed? Who is your celebrity doppelg√§nger?

Maybe if you tell me I'll have enough for a volume three. Stay tuned.



  1. Your dad definitely looks just like Dustin Hoffman! Can't believe you didn't see it before! (P.S. - you clearly hang out with some sexy people)

    1. You totally called it on my dad!
      ..and yes, yes I do - including you (as you were the first entry of the series)!

    2. nice and entertaining! Good for the winter season where everyone retreats indoors to some movie escapism. ! Your cross-connections are perfect. I have to add that I think your pops looks def like Hoffman, but with a sprinkling of Richard Gere.
      yeah thanks for dragging me into this. hahah The Karen/Shannon is classic. -
      'Girls' was one of the best TV shows I've seen in 20 years.

    3. Thx Scott! Karen one is great right?! Yes I def think my dad has a sprinkling of Richard Gere for sure!
      I'm glad you didn't mind getting targetted - I mean, c'mon, who really minds getting compared to Brad Pitt :)
      GIRLS IS SO GOOD RIGHT?!!?!!? I love it so so much - I've watched it over and over - I agree, it in my top 5 shows of all time! I wouldn't have pegged you to watch that - very cool!!