Monday, 11 June 2012

Smarties in my Popcorn

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I find it curious that with so many 'sweet and salty' lovers out there, I still get sideways glances at the movies whilst enjoying Smarties in my popcorn (or M&M's for my American friends). I mean, seriously, what's not to love? 
This has been my favourite movie snack for years. I would get 'kiddie combos' at the theatre because popcorn bores me after a few handfuls, I barely drink pop and they came with a 'snack' size chocolate treat. 

These combos were the best - small, cheap, sweet and salty (until they ruined the 'treat' by replacing it with some bullshit confectionery item other than chocolate). Who the eff wants Twizzlers or Nerds with their popcorn?! Not me! Le sigh...I digress. 

Sooo, when these combos included an appropriately awesome treat like 'Smarties' and I accidentally spilled them in my popcorn, a beautiful movie snack was born. I would get teased about this snack constantly and I never understood why. To this day I still force naysayers to try it - if you don't like it after that, fine (well really you're dead to me, but I act like it's fine). 

As I was writing my post, I googled this glorious combination and it turns out there are many many more like me - Michelle Pfeiffer being one (although she prefers the peanut variety with her popcorn).

MP and I can't be the only ones in the Smarties (M&M's) and popcorn club - where are my fellow freaks? 

What other sweet and salty combos do you love? Garrett's Chicago Mix perhaps? Cheese and Caramel popcorn goodness - one of the best discoveries of my Chitown trip! Halle Berry and millions of Americans can't be wrong?! 

Chocolate covered pretzels? Pretzel M&M's? Bacon pancakes? Chicken and waffles? 

I know you're out there. Gimme a shout out. You want some right now, yes? Me too. Movie suggestions to accompany this wonderful combination to follow. 

PeaceandLove, Jdub


  1. I love sweet and savoury together--perfect combination.

  2. You know me - salty and sweet is my jam! Peanut butter M&Ms and popcorn = good. Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches = good. Chocolate covered pretzels = good.

  3. Hooray!!!!!!! This is the kinda feedback I can get behind -sweet and salty unite!! :D

  4. My favourite thing to do is have one night of the weekend where I don't make contact with the outside world, make a ton of popcorn and pour a box of smarties in there and watch movie after movie. It's the good life :)

    1. Yes! That's the good stuff indeed! Thanks for the comment Lauren 😃