Monday, 21 May 2012

They're Incendiary too, man - The HandGrenades

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You know those nights when the opening band at a show just blows your mind and you're eternally grateful you showed up early? Yes? Moi aussi! It doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like, but last Friday at Call The Office was one of those nights. 


They're called The HandGrenades , they're from Detroit, and they are brilliant. Unabashed indie rock goodness. Catchy hooks, heavy melodies and three part harmonies that come out of nowhere and breathe new life into a scene that's been gasping for air. 


Their latest full-length record The Morning After (which I bought immediately following the show) is fantastic from beginning to end - like Pet Sounds and Road To Ruin hooked up and made a beautiful love child. Yup, I said it. Go ahead and cringe and concur in equal measure, I don't care. Just listen to it, then go see them play in Hamilton on May 26th at Club Absinthe, you won't be disappointed. Is the fact that they have a song called 'Canadian Girls' just the icing on this cake of goodness? Yes, yes it is. 



To be sure you get completely hooked, check out the video below for the track 'See You 'Round' off their EP Three Cheers for the Wonder Years [best.title.ever].


Hooray for new music and me successfully getting through this post without a single explosion reference - boom! 

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